23 – I think that was better than the alternative

Well, hello there, dear readers. It’s been a long time. Like a really long time. Long enough to go through a gut-wrenching heartbreak with boyfriend #1, recover, date, meet boyfriend #2, date for 10 months, and go through another gut-wrenching heartbreak. Which brings me back to my bus blog. A constructive use of my time, [...]

The 28 (or, today is not a good day for a bus ride).

I made the mistake of riding the 28 on a day the Bay Bridge was closed. The 28 runs from Daly City BART to the Golden Gate Bridge along 19th Ave. and the Park Presidio, then heads east, ending at Fort Mason. With the Bay Bridge to the East Bay closed for repairs and new [...]

The historic F line through classic San Francisco

When I was 16 years old I came to San Francisco with a friend to stay with my brother and tour the city. We took the F line from downtown to the Castro. We were so enamored by the line – the interesting sights on Market Street, the mystery of where our car would be [...]

Riding the mystery bus – 88 Shuttle

For years walking home or waiting for the bus I would see bus stops for the 88 marked in the same locations as the 17, 28, and 18 lines. I’ve lived in the southwest corner of San Francisco followed by the adjoining area of Daly City for the past four years, yet I’ve seen this [...]

July 29 – A quick ride on the 17

I have ridden the 17 for two reasons: to avoid having to wait half an hour for the M from West Portal to Stonestown and when I was a lazy college student living in Park Merced. I would hop on instead of walking the 15 minutes to class a couple times a week. Today I [...]

July 23 – A gray day along route 18

One of the best feelings in the world is managing to catch that bus right before it pulls away. Conversely, missing that bus by seconds is truly one of the worst. As I tried to make the 1:50 18 at Stonestown I faced the feeling of defeat as it left without me. Luckily the stop [...]

July 21 – My journey begins

I figured the day I was having my car’s transmission looked at was as good a day as any to start this project. I dropped my car off for what was supposed to be a three-hour diagnostic session and hopped on the 14, which stopped right outside the shop’s door. When I began to plan [...]