2 – Clement: A tour through my dream life

On my newly-renewed quest to ride every bus line in the city, I continued with bus line #2. Since I’ve begun this blog MUNI has introduced the Clipper card, an all-area transit payment system that makes it very easy to keep one card in your wallet with which you can pay for all your public [...]

In the beginning – the 1 California

“Martha! Martha! Martha! Martha!” the man yelled after her, and she ignored him, walking straight towards me. I walked away calmly, realizing then that I left my pepper spray in my other purse.

Awesome video of San Francisco in 1906

This video was shot one or two days before the devestating 1906 earthquake. You can see the streetcars and trolleys, as well as horse-and-buggies, cars, and people walking around wearing what people wore in 1906. It’s very cool. My favorite part is how many people are running in front of the vehicle the person filming [...]

The 35 – Eureka Valley to a delicious sandwich

Ok, ok, I’m back for real. For real. I wanted to ease myself back into my routine with a nice, short route. I picked the 35, which travels from the residential areas of Glen Park past a park named Billy Goat Hill Park (not a major sight, but I like the name) through Noe Valley [...]

Walk of shame

“Please don’t hold everybody up,” he said sternly, “I will come back there.” He paused. We gawked, trying to figure out who it was that was holding up the bus.

I’m moving!

My move is great news for me – I’m moving into San Francisco from across the border in Daly City, and away from the demon-possesed neighbor children whose favorite game is to run in circles while screaming “ahhhhhh!” at the top of their lungs. It’s also a better location in terms of blog-writing. But in [...]

A couple of news articles

I will be heading back on the bus tomorrow, but in the meantime I wanted to share a couple of news articles with you. First is that two councilmen in Honolulu proposed a bill that would outlaw offensive body odors on buses. I know that many of my readers have experienced rides on the bus [...]

Schedule update

I just wanted to leave a note about my new schedule now that I am employed. I get off early on Fridays, and my bus rides will take place then. The blog will be updated on Friday nights or Saturdays. Some weekends will see extra rides. I am sorry to have the blog become a [...]

A land of unending traffic

I need to apologize for this break in postings. I was busy for a few days with job interviews (I got the one I really wanted!) and am now on a short vacation in Los Angeles. My boyfriend and I rented a car to get around. If it is taking me an hour to get [...]

A little bit of etiquette

I decided that instead of riding the cable car today I would take a nap. This worked out great at the time but left me without material for today’s blog. I’ve taken the opportunity to make a list of 5 (yes, it’s a nice round number) bits of public transit etiquette. 1.  Scoot over. As [...]